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We are Registered Industrial Property Agents, specialised in Trademark registrations and renewals. Invention Patent, Utility Model and Industrial Design applications, and all types of legal services related to Industrial Property.

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Registro de marcas nacionales, europeas e internacionales
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Registro de patentes. Innovacaciones en España y a nivel internacionalales, europeas e internacionales

Patent registration

Patent your idea or innovation in Spain or on an international level, thus preventing its exploitation by third parties.

Asesoramiento y defensa para el registro de la propiedad intelectual

Intellectual Property

Advice and defence for the registration of intellectual property and copyright.

Asesoramiento y defensa para el registro de la propiedad intelectualRegistro de Diseños Industriales a nivel Nacional, Comunitario, Extranjero e Internacional.

Industrial Designs

Registration of Industrial Designs on a Spanish, EU, Foreign and International level.

Registro de Patentes y Marcas en Madrid

Patents and Trademarks, Madrid

At our office in Madrid, or alternatively online, we can advise you about the registration of patents and trademarks on a Spanish or international level, about the registration of industrial designs, data protection, copyrights and the entirety of the services related to an office specialised in intellectual property.

Ongoing follow-up of your application

Alvamark, from the very moment of the application, thanks to the technological and human resources at its disposal, conducts a daily monitoring and follow-up of each and every one of its dossiers, from the application, through the processing and the entire registration procedure, likewise the possible defence of the dossier and up to its granting and its subsequent maintenance in force, notifying you about possible new applications,
filing oppositions or appeals, and monitoring publications that might affect our clients’ dossiers.


This is why it is of great importance to place these procedures in the hands of official registered industrial property agents, and not to trust the considerable amount of fraudulent intrusion that exists in the sector.

Conventions and Campaigns

We have conducted several campaigns related to trademarks, patents and intellectual property rights and we hold conventions with various associations.


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