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Inventions provide technical solutions to objective problems; these may consist of resolving drawbacks that are inherent to known technologies, or may provide new alternatives to said technologies, lower costs, better operation, etc…

An innovation is patentable when: it is new, it involves inventive activity and it has industrial application.

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The intervention of an Industrial Property Agent in the application and defence of Patents and Models is essential in order to obtain a favourable result, due to the requirement of a study, the writing of a specification, the claims and the preparation of the drawings, all of which must be studied in accordance with official regulations.

The experience and professionalism of our team, specialised in patents, enables us to represent our clients on both a Spanish and international level.

“There would be no progress if there were no improvements in known technology”

Patente ahora con Alvamark su invención en España impidiendo su explotación por parte de terceras personas.

Inventions in Spain

Protect your invention in Spain now with Alvamark, preventing its exploitation by third parties.

Patente ahora con Alvamark una novedad a nivel mundial prohibiendo que otros la usen sin consentimiento.



Patent a novelty now worldwide with Alvamark, prohibiting others from using it without your consent.

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Innovaciones biotecnológicas, topografías de productos semiconductores y certificados complementarios de protección.

Other Types of Protection

Biotechnological innovations, topographies of semiconductor products and supplementary protection certificates.


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