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Our legal department is specialised in providing services and comprehensive counselling on legal procedures in the area of patents.

Our lawyers, who are specialised in industrial and intellectual property, offer advice on all types of conflicts in these matters, whether in Spain or abroad, and intervene in the following types of proceedings, among others:

  • Legal claims
  • Preparation of contracts and licences
  • Civil and criminal proceedings
  • Contentious administrative proceedings
  • Replies to possible oppositions
  • Oppositions or appeals via the administrative route


Once the patent has been favourably resolved and its granting has been officially published, starting from the publication thereof, a three-month term commences for payment of the licensing rights and collection of the certificate.

To maintain your invention in force, you must pay the corresponding annuities on time during the years granted by the licence certificate (article 161 of the Patents Law), in addition to proving its implementation.


Alvamark offers its clients a meticulous, detailed technological monitoring service, performed daily, constantly collating the publications of both Spanish and international databases.

FAQs on Inventions in Spain

What is a patent?

A patent is an exclusive right granted to an invention; that is, a product or procedure that provides, in general, a new way of doing something or a new technical solution to a problem. To be patentable, the invention must fulfil the following requirements.

What is a utility model?

A utility model is also an exclusive right granted to an invention with a lesser degree of inventiveness, consisting of providing an object with a structure from which some usefulness is derived.

What type of inventions are patentable?

Inventions that display novelty, provide an inventive step and also have industrial applicability are patentable.

Why are inventions necessary?

Inventions (Patents or Utility Models) are incentives for individuals, as they provide them with recognition for their creativity and also with material reward.

What is the first step an inventor should take?

The first step would be to visit an Industrial Property expert, who will recommend the best method and strategy for the protection of his invention.

What is the priority date?

It’s the date of filing the invention application; starting on this date a 12-month term commences to claim the priority right in other countries.

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Patent your idea or innovation in Spain or on an international level, thus preventing its exploitation by third parties.


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