National trademarks are distinctive signs that are protected by certifications granted by the State and which grant the titleholder the exclusive right to use a particular product or service in the marketplace.

In ALVAMARK we perform a preliminary free study with the aim of obtains results from files with IDENTICAL names of National Trade Marks and even Commercial Names that are currently registered.

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Only by officialy registering, the exclusive usage right can be obtained, that has a double purpose:

  • On the one hand the PROTECTION against third parties with regard to the exclusive use of said trade mark in the marketplace and.
  • On the other hand ATTACK to prevent the trademark being applied to identical or similar products or services in Spain.


These national TRADE MARKS are protected for TEN YEARS commencing on the date of the official application and they can be renewed indefinitely.


As official agents, ALVAMARK not only manages the presentation of all the necessary documents before the relevant public bodies, but also the surveillance on a DAILY basis, together with providing correct advice with the aim of obtaining the appropriate registration protection for their clients.


From the moment the application is submitted and thanks to its human and technological resources DAILY FOLLOW-UP AND SURVEILLANE PROCEDURES of each and every one of its files, from the application, through the procedures and the whole registration process, together with the possible protection of the file until it is granted and subsequently maintaining it in effect and informing of possible new, identical or similar applications, carrying out appeal or objection procedures and controlling publications that could affect their clients’ files.

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