ALVAMARK has a team of lawyers specializing in Intellectual Property through which we offer a range of legal services including both counseling and acting before the courts.
Our main areas of activity are:

  • Industrial Property
  • Intellectual Property and Copyright
  • Unfair Competition
  • Counterfeit and Piracy
  • Internet and New Technologies
Our services include:

  • Reports on risk of infringement
  • Audit portfolio of industrial property rights
  • Transfers and licenses.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts.
  • Claims Requirements and extrajudicial
  • Anti-Piracy Actions
  • Customs actions
  • Dispute Procedures Administrative, Civil and Criminal.


Once the administrative phase before the SPTO ends, decisions can be appealed to the relevant administrative tribunals.

  • Filing of administrative appeal proceedings against decisions of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office
  • Filing of appeals against judgments by the High Courts of Justice of the Autonomous Communities judgments


OAMI decisions can be appealed in two phases:

  • Recourse OAMI
  • Interposition of the courts. Against decisions of the Boards of Appeal may be brought before the Court. Be competent Court of First Instance in Luxembourg, against a decision of this Court may be brought before the Court of Justice of the European Communities.

Records logos, inventions and giving the holder the right to claim to a third party any action that exceeds the limits of the rights under the law.

  • Requirements for infringement of Intellectual Property.
  • Actions for annulment of records (Distinctive Signs, Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Designs).
  • Actions claiming ownership of industrial property rights.
  • Shares Expiration of Trademark from lack of use.
  • Actions for infringement of industrial property rights
  • For acts of unfair competition
  • Adoption Request for Precautionary Measures

To suppress and punish the existence of copies and fakes of renowned brands in the market.

  • Filing of charges and complaints for offenses relating to industrial property.
  • Organization and assistance interventions by false Forces of State Security goods.
  • Abbreviated party action within criminal proceedings, judicial monitoring instruction and assistance to Oral Judgment.

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