Alvamark, as Firm specialized legal technical issues Intellectual Property, provides comprehensive advice and conflict resolution in these areas.

Our legal department has specialized lawyers are at your disposal his extensive experience in the defense of the interests of our customers by offering maximum support in defense of the intangible values ​​of the companies, such as Business Name, Trademarks, Designs, Inventions, Domains, etc …
Before initiating legal action, please evaluate the possibility of using alternative means of dispute resolution.


It is an instrument of conflict resolution that offers great opportunities for what has increasingly become a common means in resolving commercial disputes, allowing the parties reach an amicable settlement through negotiation.


Arbitration is a highly recommended approach because it is a process by which the will of the parties a specialist arbitrator in the matter, which dictates a res judicata decision (award) on the dispute binding on the parties choose .

In choosing arbitration before WIPO, the parties opt for a private confidential procedure and neutral: a definitive and easy solution to implement.

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