ALVAMARK, offers complementary services with the aim of completing those pertaining to Industrial Property, such as the adaptation to Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December for the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD)

Compliance with this Law is MANDATORY
Failure to comply with this law could lead to fines of 600 Euros (minor offenses) to 600,000 Euros (very serious offenses)

Below are just some of these services:

  • Specialized data protection consultancy service by highly trained and qualified professionals.
  • Creation of an Audit report regarding data protection, which is mandatory for companies handling medium or high level information.
  • Adaptation of web pages, forums, blogs and social networks to data protection regulations. .
  • Creation or review of Security Measures Document.
  • Drafting privacy notices and confidentiality agreements for employees with access to data.
  • RDrafting of contracts between the File Manager and the Processing Manager.
  • Analysis and preparation of documentation for transferring data.
  • Evaluación de formularios de recogida de datos y su adecuación a la normativa sobre protección de datos.
  • Análisis del consentimiento necesario para las finalidades perseguidas por el Responsable del Fichero.
  • Evaluation of forms for collecting data and adaptation of these to data protection regulations..
  • Protocol for managing incidents.
  • Procedure for incoming and outgoing documents.
  • IT and technical support for the Security Manager.
  • Review of the physical and IT security measures.
  • Audit of IT security measures.
  • Backup and data recovery procedures.
  • International data transfer authorization procedures.
  • Carrying out legal and technical reports for specific procedures or processes.
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